Update 10th January 2020

January to August 2020 – remaining places:

  • Nursery Group – born 2016
    • 1 place Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
    • Other days on application
  • Pre-Nursery Group – born 2017
    • 1 place Thursday and Friday
  • Toddlers – born Jan-Sep 2018
    • Wednesday and Fridays only
  • Babies – born Oct 18 -Feb 19 2018
    • 1 place Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri
  • Newborns – born from April 2019
    • Fridays only

October 2019 update

We may have extra places available from January in Newborn group only, however, we will not know until November 2019 if these places will become available

Additionally, we already have many reserves for these places and it is highly unlikely that the places will be available to new enquirers

Update January 2019

We are currently going through all the applications that we have received prior to 9th December from  Stage 1 and Stage 2 applicants

We will be contacting all parents by end of January 2019 asking for deposits and confirmation of places

Babies born in 2019

We have limited places available in our newborn room and currently have between 3 and 4 places remaining per day available (depending on day of week)

Children born 2018 or earlier

We have received applications over and above the number of places available for children born in 2018 or earlier, however,  we do not expect that all will book a place

We are more than happy to accept a short-application / reserve form (download above) for children born in 2018 or earlier and we  will contact all reserve applicants of children in these age groups as places become available in date order of application receipt over the coming weeks

You are welcome to register your interest by returning the above Reserve Form to marc@tracylewischildcare.co.uk 

By registering your interest, you will put on a reserve list and will be contacted, if/when spaces become available in order of date contacted

Update October 2018

The open application process for 2019/20 will start on 10th December 2018 and any  new applications received from this moment will be considered after all Stage 1 and Stage 2 applications have been processed.

Remaining places will be offered in order of applications received after deposit deadlines for Stage 1 and Stage 2 children have passed mid-January 2019

Priority Stages
We will allocating our 2019/20 places according to our Priority Ranking – the stages, category and application deadlines are:

  1. First Stage – 1st November 2018
    1. Current 2018/19 children
    2. Siblings of 2018/19 children
  2. Second Stage – 9th December
    1. Siblings of TLC Alumni
    2. Early Enquirers
  3. Third Stage from 10th December– First Come First Served
    1. Other Enquirers

2019/20 Age Groups
As we have in 2018/19, there will be 4 classes. We are flexible in allocating the exact age ranges for each group as it will depend on the make up of the ages of our intake for next year.

Currently, our 4 classes are aged (as of September 2018) as follows:
1. Nursery Class: 2y 9mths +
2. Pre-Nursery Class: 2yrs – 2y 8mths
3. Toddlers: 1 yr – 2yr
4. Babies: 5 mths – 1yr

CHANGES to 2018-19
1. Morning only sessions will no longer be available (except Fridays) with a minimum booking of SD required on Mondays-Thursdays
2. There will be no Term-Time programme
3. September ‘19 Term start dates
a. Stage 1 cat i) no break
b. Stage 1 cat ii) will start term on w/c 2nd September
c. Stage 2 and 3 will start 9th September

If you would like to apply and request more information,  please email: information@tracylewischildcare.co.uk

TLC Nursery – September 2019 New Applicants Form