Availability Update @ 1st November 21

  • Pre-School Room – born pre-November 2018 – FULL
    • except Friday
  • Nursery Room– born November 18 – May 2019 Almost FULL
    • 1 place Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Pre-Nursery Room– born May- December 2019 ALMOST FULL
    • 1 Monday – Friday
  • Toddler Room– born Jan – August 2020 – ALMOST FULL
    • 1 place Thursday and Friday
  • Baby Room– born from Sep-Dec 20 No PLACES AVAILBLE
    • except Friday

Availability Update: 2nd August 2021

We have now confirmed all reservations and booked places made for the nursery in all groups for September ’21.

We only have the following spaces left:

Pre – school (born pre Oct 18) – 1 Mon-Friday space

Nursery – 1 Wednesday and Friday space

Pre-Nursery – 1 space on Friday

BORN 2020; Toddlers and /or Baby – Monday – Fridays

Availability Update: Update 10th November 2020

We are delighted to inform prospective new parents of the start of our 2021/22 school year application process

It’s been a difficult past half year but we have remained open – initially just for keyworker children, then a full reopening in June – and started this current 20/21 year with relatively little difference  to the children or to our daily routines (other than the implementation of guidelines and directives)

We now invite you to register for the next school year for your children with d.o.b’s. between 1st September 2017 and 31st December 2020.

We plan to run five classes with a new oldest room called “Pre-School” which will primarily be aimed at children aged 3+  all the way down to Baby Room for children born in the last months of this year.

*******PRE-SCHOOL ROOM******* New for September 21

Our new Pre-School room means that many children who are currently in our top Nursery room now have the opportunity to stay on another year in a new age-appropriate class

Application Process

  • Applications will be accepted until places are filled.
  • Applicants before the end of 2020 will be contacted at the beginning of January and informed of the status of the application
  • If a child’s place is confirmed
    • Payment of the first half of the £500 deposit (£250) will be requested within 7 days of notification
    • On receipt, parents will be invited to visit the nursery later in January, however, unfortunately due to the current climate, entry into the building will not be possible however, we will arrange for parents to meet our staff outdoors
    • Following a visit, the second half of the deposit – a further £250 will be requested on 1st May 21. The 1st half deposit is refundable within 7 days of  the visit, however, after 7 days and/or once the entire deposit of £500 is paid, the deposit  will be non-refundable

2021/22 Age Groups

We are fluid in how we allocate the exact age ranges for each group as it will depend on the make up of the ages of our intake versus capacity in each room.. We plan to have 5 classes as follows:

  • Pre-School (oldest age at September 21 – 3yrs 11months)
  • Nursery Class
  • Pre-Nursery Class
  • Toddler Room
  • Baby Room (youngest age at September 21 – 9 months)

Changing days in the future

Please consider when applying that due to our flexible by-day booking options and our levels of demand, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate any changes of days – whether increases or decreases in the number of days – at a future date.
Increases or decreases of sessions by day at a later date are not too problematic i.e. changing pick up times between 3.30 and 6pm
If you do have any unknowns regarding days of week, please include details of them on the application form as it may help in the future when a final decision needs to be made

Starting before September 21

The new term for new children to TLC will commence on Monday 6th September 2021

We know that some parents would like to start earlier – some as early as April/May, however, we are currently mainly full in all age groups and applications are for Sep ’21. We may have some days in some groups still available from January 21 (please refer to 20-21 section on website) but we would be unlikely to know for sure if any spaces come up for April/May until much nearer the time (notice is 2 months therefore we may know by 1st March if any spaces become available).

PLEASE NOTE, ALL APPLICATIONS ARE FOR THE LATEST START DATE OF SEPTEMBER 2020 ONLY AND NOT FOR ANY SUBSEQUENT STARTING DATES. We  are unable to consider any application starting, for example, after Tishrei chaggim, January 2021 etc