At TLC we provide the highest standard of nursery childcare and excellent service in a loving and fun environment.

Our nursery is completely planned out with children in mind. There are dedicated playrooms with a large array of toys from birth to 4 years old, including educational toys to stimulate learning, picture and reading books, musical instruments, board games and imagination and role play equipment.

For sleeping, each child has their own mat or cot and for the smallest children, we have our unique sleeping pods where the children can sleep in a secure and independent space without distraction or disturbance from other children

Outside is a secure and safe garden with a array of toys, activities and equipment to help with co-ordination and fine and gross motor skills throughout the year – weather permitting.

Your child brings their own kosher meals – milky or meaty –  and if needed, we will gladly microwave their food.

Booking for the childcare group is very flexible allowing you as parents to choose on which days you send your children and for how many days a week. Because we are open for the whole working day, we will prioritise parents who need childcare for the longer daily sessions and so a minimum of 8 hours per day is required. We have 5 separate sessions to choose from – each with different start and end times.

We accept children from birth until a maximum of 47 months old at September/beginning of school year within our 4 age groups

TLC  is open all year round (except Jewish festivals, Bank Holidays and Winter holiday week) and daily from 8.30am – 6pm every day (except erev Shabbos and yomim tovim)

We are Ofsted registered and have a “Good” rating