Fees below are per term to be paid in advance, 1 month before the start of each term

Option of spreading Fee payments – on request and subject to conditions*

Fee Structure

Our nursery fees provide lower daily rates as the number of sessions booked increases

We request that a minimum 3 days need to be booked for places to be offered before March 2019.


AD HOC Rates

Deposit (non-refundable)

We will request a non-refundable deposit of £500 to secure your child’s place, (returnable against the final payment of the year), within 7 days of notification of accepted place

How to work out fees?

If you have a combination of sessions, you may want to know how to calculate the fees. Because there is a diminishing rate as the number of days booked increases it may be a bit tricky working out the fees. A few examples:

  1. 2 All Days, 1 School Day and 1 Friday morning
    1. £2,000 + £750 + £550 = £3,300
  2. 1 x AD. 1 x SD+, 1 x SD
    1. £1,000 + £875 + £750 = £2,625

In the above examples, calculations are made by taking the longest sessions first and then adding in decreasing order the cost of the additional day of those subsequent sessions

  1. in first example, the cost of 2 days is £2000
  2. although the cost of 1 SD is £800, it is in fact the 3rd day of the booking and therefore it is the cost of the 3rd SD (£2350 – £1600) which is £750
  3. 1 Friday AM is £550

Tax Free Payment Schemes

  • As a Registered Nursery, we accept all Childcare vouchers from all providers ( if you were registered before the deadline of October 2018. Otherwise it is too late to enrol in Childcare Vouchers Scheme)
  • Alternatively, and open to most (subject to criteria) is Tax Free Childcare and for more information:
  • Our Ofsted number is EY559937

Free Early Education for 2 year olds

All eligible 2 year olds can access up to 15 hours of free early education up to 570 hours a year. Children become eligible the term after their second birthday.

Free Early Education for 3 and 4 year olds – FEE3/4 Funding

From the term AFTER your child’s 3rd birthday they will be automatically entitled to contributory government funding towards their nursery fees which is known as “15 hours funding”. We will discount your fees and claim this sum on your behalf from the local authority

In some cases you may be entitled to additional funding of a further “15 hours” entitling you to “30 hours”. If you are entitled, you will need to inform us in advance and provide an eligibility code which you will receive from the local authority plus your National Insurance number. You will need though to enrol your child for a minimum c. 25 hours per week to qualify.

Further information on FEE2 and FEE3/4


Upon acceptance of a place, you will be asked to fill out various forms including more information regarding your child, routine information, consent forms, policy documents etc


Monthly tranche payments*

 In order to make payments more convenient, on request, we would be happy to spread a term’s fees across 4 equal payments to be paid monthly one month in advance of the first 4 months in a term. For example, if the Autumn term cost for 3 “All Days” is £2,800, we would spread the payments as follows:

£700 on 1st August, £700 on 1st September, £700 on 1st October, £700 on 1st November

If you are unable to pay the monthly tranches on time on 1st of Month, you may be requested to settle the entire term’s fees in advance

It is recommended that you set up a monthly standing order