Dear Mums and Dads,

We hope you have all had a good week. First of all we would like to say thank you for co-operating with our new security system and morning routine. It has made a positive impact on the ability to start our day effectively, immediately and with minimal disruption to the children.

Monday: The children thoroughly enjoyed and were very excited about our new activity centre in the playground. It consists of a low climbing frame with stepping ropes and a slide. All the children took in turns patiently, lining up beautifully to climb onto it, make their way through the gap and slide down the slide. Such a great apparatus to encourage their physical development and to build on their gross motor skills.

In our maths lesson the children were given numbers 1-10 according to their individual abilities, stage and age, and were asked to pick up little plastic cups whilst counting out loud the number that they were asked to count up to. This mathematical task supports their sorting and counting. All the children focused beautifully and their efforts were fantastic! Well done!

Tuesday: Today we introduced the children to basic science. We stimulated the children’s curiosity by offering them magnifying glasses to handle. This gave them the opportunity to investigate a new device. We compared looking at different objects and resources with a magnifier very closely and then further away. The children were intrigued by the results and found humour in how big the human eye looks when looking through one. Our basic element of scientific reasoning helped nuture the children’s natural sense of adventure and curiosity.

In our French class with Monsieur Leon, the children learnt “where is…” and “here is…” in French. Monsieur Leon asked in French “where is (child’s name)?” and then the children pointed to the child and said out loud in French “here is (child’s name)!” Monsieur Leon then recapped on naming facial features in French and we are proud to say that some children were able to name certain facial features in French from memory. “LES ENFANTS BIEN FAIT!!!” (WELL DONE CHILDREN!!!)

Wednesday: Today we involved all children in making colourful sparkly play dough. They all took in turns to add ingredients into a bowl, mix food colouring, glitter, pour water and stir. Involving all children in such an activity gave them the opportunity to learn how to control impulses and understand the need for rules eg: turn taking as well as learning to be alongside others and co-operate as they talk or rehearse their feelings. In the playground today we bought out the sand table with funnels, rakes, spades, spoons, cups etc. Spooning sand into cups is a great way for children to develop hand-eye coordination. We buried smaller items deep into the sand and asked the children “to find the treasure”. They loved it!

Thursday: We had lots of pretend play today and the children loved using their imaginative skills. We asked the children to find pretend food in our pretend shop. They worked beautifully together by placing what pretend food they wanted into the shopping trolley and basket. They then had to put the items through the toy cash register. Taking in turns we would ask how much is this pear? 2 pence or 3 pence? If they decided it was 2 pence we then asked them to find that corresponding number on the cash register with or without adult support and then to press the 2 button. A great and fun task to enhance their number recognition. Well done children! You are great shoppers and cashiers! During our outdoor play the children enjoyed spreading sand onto the ground, riding on ride along toys and making tracks with the tricycles and lines with the scooters. “I’ve made wibbly wobbly lines!” “And look, I’m making different shapes!” This was a great opportunity to play with ideas and discover connections.

Friday: In this week’s sedra, Bo, we explained to the children about the final three plagues that hit Egypt as the Jewish people get ready to leave. Although Pharaoh’s heart was hardened many times, it is the final plague, the plague of the First Born, that convinces Pharaoh to let the Jewish people go. We concentrated more on the plagues of locusts and especially darkness for obvious reasons and incorporated both plagues into many of our activities. Shabbos Mummy and Daddy tomorrow will be Ethan and Ariella.

Book of the Week: I’ve lost my teddy! (Barbara Mossman)

We’ve introduced book of the week which will be read every day as it gives opportunity for the children to enhance their communication and language skills and their confidence by reciting and retelling the story amongst and alongside their friends and to see what they can remember happens next…..

Wishing you all a good week!

Tracy, Steph, Dana and Becky.

The TLC Team

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